Best Cheap Gaming Headsets- Save some cash

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets- Save some cash

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets

If you ran across this article, then you’re probably a PC gamer. However, if you’re like me then you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming headset when you just got some killer hardware for your PC. If that’s the case, then you came to the right place! These are some of the best cheap gaming headsets. But I do give them honest reviews.

As you do your search for the right headset you might be considering a few things like sound quality and comfort for long gaming sessions.

If you’re looking for a simple way to chat with friends while playing Counter Strike or a way to reduce the noise level from your noisy roommates. There are a lot of headsets out there that offer high quality without raiding your bank. These reviews are to help in your search of a perfect headset that will enhance your gaming experience. All while leaving you with extra money to spend.

The following headsets are under $90 dollars and you can get them quite cheap when they are on sale. Just remember what sounds great to you might not sound great to another person, so try exploring the different settings when you get one. All of these headsets I’ve tried and wore them.

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Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset

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The most expensive out of the best cheap gaming headsets. However, it might just be worth the money. I currently own and use this headset, just as a disclaimer. If you’re a gamer that’s looking for lightweight and comfort, then the Hyper X Cloud Headset is likely for you. The tagline for this headset is “game without pain”. Which after my 100 plus hours playing counter strike and other games with friends, that tagline is exactly what I experienced. The memory foam ear cushions and the leader padded cups combine with a super soft well-padded headband to deliver comfort to your cranium, even with glasses. Pressure on the head was kept to a minimum for me. It’s really quite comfortable.

The headset looks really good too. It comes in padded packaging and includes all the cables and accessories you could need. It also comes with a spare set of ear cup pads and a detachable microphone. The cable is quite long which is nice for my set up. Although for some there might be a little tangle, but the cord is braided nylon so it reduces possible tangle. The headphones are solid made out of aluminum while still remaining light. It survived my trip to college in my backpack so they are pretty solid.

One interesting thing that I’ve already mentioned is the detachable microphone. It may prove useful even if you have a desktop microphone. It’s not the best microphone, as I’ve had problems being heard in game, but it’s perfectly reasonable for the price. As for the sound quality the headset comes with an inline control for easy sound adjustment. The sound quality is good I haven’t had any complains. And further it’s noise cancelling feature is a life safer for me. I’m in an apartment with lots of college kids. It’s a very good headset that’s worth the price.


Hyper X Cloud Headset gaming headset

Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One (adapter required)

Wireless: no

Weight: 350 G

Cable Length: 1 meter

Connection: 3.5mm jack

Pros and cons:


  • Free extra non-leather ear pads
  • The wire is coiled and can be extended to longer lengths
  • Over-ear well padded ear pieces
  • no pain from wearing for long periods
  • Sound is excellent



  • Microphone is decent but cuts out sometimes


Sentey GS-4730

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Sentey have a lot of gaming headsets that are popular. They have a good reputation for giving us high quality products at a competitive price. The Sentey Gs-4730 gives us this. The headset has large ear pieces which are padded and are very comfortable. However, I wear glasses while gaming and the pads on the ear phones were good but not enough to stop discomfort during long gaming sessions. The headband is also comfortable because it’s padded it also has the Sentey brand name on the top.

This headset looks amazing. The fact that the Sentey lights up on the side when you plug it in is really cool (I’m a fan of flashly things). The box it comes in is standard and provides all the cables you need (Manual, CD Driver software, cords, ect). The cable is long enough for most set ups about 5 feet long. They are solid enough headphones but can feel a bit heavy at times, they weight about a pound. I haven’t made any long trips with these things because I returned them before leaving for school so I can’t speak to the durability. However, they did feel solid enough.

The Microphone quality is okay. It has a tendency to pick up more noise than I would have liked. It picked up me breathing sometimes and it’s not a completely detachable microphone. You can move it up and down so it’s flush with the ear piece. The sound quality is great for the price. I had some static but I think that was a grounding error on my part. But past that they sounded really good. As a awesome plus, is a rumble feature and it adds to the bass, which is really cool. Seeing as how I am living in an apartment with noisy roommates this probably wasn’t the best bet for me, which is why I returned them.

Sentey GS-4730

Compatibility: PC, Mac, and PS4 only. (no x-box one)

Wireless: No

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Cable Length: 5-6 feet

Connection: USB

Pros and cons:


  • Competitive price
  • Comfortable (but not with glasses)
  • Looks awesome
  • Great sound with subs/rumble feature


  • Static
  • Microphone quality was not ideal for me


Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

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Logitech does a myriad of tech equipment but they are well-known for their mass production of computer mouse. They generally provide good hardware and accessories for cheap. However, I was not satisfied with this gaming headset from Logitech. The headset it’s self looks similar to the other two but is far less comfortable. It has padded ear pieces and a padded headband. But it’s made out of hard plastic which makes it weigh in at 2 pounds. Making the heaviest of the headsets I’ve reviewed. Because of this extra weight it weighs on your head and makes unnecessary pressure. It begins to hurt after just 2 hours of play time. While good for short term use, extended gaming sessions will leave you with a headache.

The headset looks pretty nice. The box comes with just the cord and nothing else. You don’t need much to make these work. The cord it’s self is ridiculously long measuring in at 10 feet. I can’t imagine anyone needing this much cord. The cord has volume control and a on/off switch on it. The cord is nylon and I didn’t have problems with it getting tangled, surprisingly. This headset feels kind of flimsy for weighing in at 2 pounds but as long as you are careful with them they won’t break. Ignore the people on amazon who tell you they broke it. You’d have to throw it across the room or manhandle it to break it.

The microphone only folds up and down which is annoying in my opinion. But for the price I was suspired by the microphone’s quality. I would say it’s only slightly worse than the senty headset which is good compliment. Finally, I found the sound quality to be pretty good as well. I never had any static or never felt like I wasn’t immersed in the game. The bass is decent enough and nothing felt drowned out in them. For me personally this headset hurt my ears way too much to use for gaming, so I returned them. For light to moderate use these are more than ideal headphones for anyone to use.

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

Compatibility: PC and Mac (ps4 and xbox need adapters)

Wireless: no

Weight: 2 pounds

Cable length: 10 feet

Connection: 3.5mm jack

Pros and cons:


  • Looks nice
  • Long cord (10 feet)
  • On/off switch
  • Good sound
  • Cheap


  • Extended use makes these uncomfortable
  • Microphone isn’t as malleable as I want

Personally I would recommend spending the extra money and get the Hyper X Cloud Gaming headset. It’s worth the money and you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully these reviews on the best cheap gaming headsets will help you decide. Have fun gaming!

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