Kendon Brown

Who is the Author?

I am Kendon Brown a 22-year-old junior, studying for a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. I currently run two websites. This one and another one on cryptocurrencies called Thecryptodivision.com


I’m currently on track to become an actuary after college in corporate insurance field. I have a passion for mathematics, economics, and investing. They all affect our real life in such interesting ways that it caught my eye when I was in high school.


I know mathematics and economics are generally pretty boring for most people but I will try my best to provide easy to understand commentaries on recent, as well as interesting, economic articles published by big organizations such as the: IMF, Federal Reserve, World Bank, and other such policy makers.


I’ve been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA throughout my college career as I’ve worked hard and finally found my passion. I hope to be able to spark the same passion in some of you as I have found it in myself.

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